The animation continues...

The animation process is continuing to move forward. I have decided to add some more structured character animation to hold the piece together. I am also considering alternatives to traditional projection and monitors. At the moment I am thinking rear projection on a small scale with the projector built into the wall. Think of a painting that moves. I need to get my hands on some equipment and test it out, but I think it could be something interesting.


I have been doing some animation tests for an installation project I am working on and so far the results look good. I have been really enjoying the process of straight through animation. I am working with abstract marks with no script, just a general idea and the energy I bring in that day. I will be sure to post them after I edit them together.

We are live

I am happy to announce that I finally have a website that is dedicated to my work. It is still under construction and I hope to add more in the coming weeks, especially some of the recent projects that I have been working on. I post to this blog about once a week discussing my progress and whatever else happens to be happening in the world. Just got to say, this is pretty exciting!