With the School of the Museum of Fine Arts MFA Thesis Show being exhibited at the Boston Cyclorama, I wanted to incorporate some of the historical aspects of the location. Built in 1884 to house Paul Philippoteaux's The Battle of Gettysburg, the Cyclorama created an immersive experience for the viewer. In addition to the 27 foot high painting that completely surrounded the audience, life-sized models were placed in the space to further complete the illusion. 

In my space, located in the center of the Cyclorama I have placed the Moving Painting Viewing Machine which is surrounded by the paintings of the frames from the animation. While in the space the viewer is seemingly in a large viewing machine, that if it had the ability to rotate would create the same effect as the piece in the center. This is my nod to the the immersive environment that the Cyclorama was initially designed for.